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Episode Reviews

So there are troubles with the Kid Buu Saga right now. Toonami is still converting the profanity in the Japanese episodes to non-profanity. They have the movies out. Which are non-profanity, but they have violence. The newest one out is where Vegeto turns Super Sayain Jin 2. The movie is called Vegeto Super Sayain (I think). On the front is SSJIN Vegeto's face.
Well Dragon Ball is on Cartoon Network on Toonami at 5:00 central time. and Dragon Ball Z is on 5:30 central time. Right now they are buying time by playing old episodes. It is where Gotenks is fighting Buu and Gohan fights Buu. So check it out!

Here I'll write reviews of each episode of my favorite show. If the show has been on for a while, I might also include annotated descriptions of past episodes on this page.
This is last nights show.

Dbz-Final Antonment
Air date: Too amny times

Majin Buu and Majin Vegeta having an all out WAR! Vegeta powers up killing himself while killing Majin Buu...but wait it can't be he's...he's regenerating!

Not much to say one of favorite charactors died. But he did it for a very good cause. I will NOT put anymore reviews on untill the start the shows again on Toonami.

Grade (on a scale of 10): 8 if you don't care Vegeta died 2 if you do.


Favorite Saga

My favorite saga of any show is DBZ Cell Games. I like it because you don't know what is going to happen and if you do when it is going to happen.


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