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This is where you can find simple info. If you're just get to know about Dragon Ball Z this is a great place.




When a Saiyan achieves this he must have a pure heart weather it is pure good or pure evil. The element that triggers this is anger and rage. This lets the body handle more power and speed. Physically the Saiyan-jin's appearance changes. His hair from black to a golden blond, and his eyes from black to green. After this has been reached all other levels are easier to achieve. They still need to train hard and possess and incredible amount of power.

ULTRA SUPER SAIYAN-JIN {this can be considered ssjin2 read on to ssjin3 and you will find out}

This is the level, which passes the level of super saiyan. The saiyan-jin becomes 3 times more powerful than normal, but this makes them slower. This is a major weakness, which means that it is not good in a battle.


Rage and anger also triggers this as well. Gohan first reach this level during the room of time. The super saiyan changes are: little increase in hair and small electric waves surrounding the body. The increase in power, strength and speed all incrcease in sync.


CHAGES: hair, no eyebrows. A saiyan can only transform to this level for a short period of time because it uses more energy.


In Dragonball GT, this is the true level of the Legendary Super Saiyan. Rage, anger, and sorrow all triggers this transformation where physically the hair is black and the body is covered with ape like hair


When a Saiyan sees the light of a full moon, a Saiyan will involuntarily transform into a monkey-like beast. While in this form the Saiyan's power is greatly increased. A Saiyans power level will increase ten times to be exact. There are two ways to reverse this transformation, one is to cut off the Saiyan's tail, and the other is to get rid of the source of the moonlight.


Gold Ozaru is much more powerful than the regular Ozaru. It occurs when a Saiyan with a tail looks at the "full Earth" from the planet Plant. It is distinguished from the regular Ozaru from the increase in power, and the gold hair color. Fact: During the Beby Saga, Bebi used the dragonballs to wish back the planet plant. After Goku battles and loses to Bebi he lies on the ground staring at the Earth, The Earth acts as a full moon, because Goku had his tail re-grown by Kaioshin he transformed into a Gold Ozaru. Bebi-Vegeta was also able to Go Ozaru because he had Bulma help re-grow his tail.

Earing fusion:
Any 2 people of any race puts one earing on. One person puts it on his left and the other person puts it one his right ear. They yell out fusion , hold each other in the same exact way, and they become one.

Dance fusion:
2 people perform a special fusion, where they must do a dance. It only last for 30 minutes.

Namek fusion:
when nameks fuse they could fuse for ever!! They touch each other aand concentrate and become one.

Capsule Spaship:
The spaceship that Goku used to fly to Planet Namek, is a large spaceship. And did you know the engine was taken from Nappa's old space pod.

Weighted Clothing:

Goku and Piccolo wear weighted clothing under normal situations, in order to increase their strength. When they take off their clothing, their power levels noticably go sky rocketing higher , and they become faster and less fatigue.


The scouter is a device worn on someones ear. It's a glass projection piece that covers your eye so you can see what it displays. It displays various information such as speed, distance, time, or ki. The scouters also work as a sound device like speakers. Bulma made a scouter that displays the english language and not the regular forign language that they cannot understand.

Dragon Radar

The Dragon Radar can be used to find the location of the seven Dragon Balls. It has a single button on top, which is what is used to to turn it on and off, also it is used to zoom in and out of the postion of the dragonballs. It also shows if the dragonballs are moving, like if somebody is taking them and going somewhere.

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