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Cast Biographies

On this page I'll include biographical information about the cast of DBZ.

Name: Goku

Abilities: Fly, Dragon Fist, Fusion, Spirit Bomb, Jan-Ken Punch, Kaioken, Kamehameha, Kiaiho, Oozaru, Renzoku Energy Dan, Shunkanido, Solar Flare, Zanzoken

Info: Goku is usuall the most powerful person in the series except on a few occasions. He is good-natured, honest, and has a good heart. Goku is the strongest saiyan and is the first to go Super Saiyan. He is determined to protect the Earth as well as the universe from the forces of all evil.

Name: Gohan

Abilities: Fly, Kamehameha, Masenko, Oozaru, Renzoku Energy Dan, Zanzoken

Info: Gohan is the son of Goku and Chi-Chi. He is very similar to his father and strong as all true Saiyans should be. He is the first to change into Super Saiyan jin 2 and was first trained by Piccolo. The training from Piccolo resulted in revealing Gohans true Saiyan powers. The only problem is that he does not have the love for fighting as his father does. Also his mosther Chi-Chi forces his to do homework unstead of saving the world [how single minded].

Name: Trunks

Abilities: Fly, Burning Attack, Finish Buster, Fusion, Kamehameha, Masenko, Renzoku Energy Dan, Zanzoken

Info: Trunks is the son of Vegeta and Bulma, which is very odd since they have nothing at all in common. Trunks first appearance was when Freiza [remade into a cyborg] and his father King Cold were about to destroy the earth. Trunks had came back from the future to warn Goku of his death from a heart disease, and to warn the rest of the Z fighters of the impending doom. The Androids. Trunks turned super saiyan and destroyed Frieza and King Cold with out effort. The amazed Z Fighters could only watch, and they never knew his name or who he was because it might prevent Bulma and Vegeta from having Trunks. He talked to Goku about the Androids and gave him a medicine that would help him cure the heart disease that he would get. More about him can be read in the Sagas.

Name: Vegeta

Abilities: Big Bang Attack, Fly, Fusion, Galet Gun, Destructo Disk, Oozaru, Zanzoken

Info: Vegeta is an odd one. He seems to hate Goku -[whom he calls Kakarot]- with a passion, yet i believe deep down he likes him. Since Goku reaches Super Saiyan first Vegeta gets really determined to reach that level, and when he see's Future Trunks destroy Cyborg Freiza and King Cold easily he becomes more determined. Vegeta is a cold hearted killer, like all saiyans should be, yet it seems that as the series progresses he becomes more and more, human. Humans


Abilities: Fly, Destructo Disk

Info: Krillin is the little bald dude who isn't all that strong when compared to saiyans but to humans he is all mighty, he helps out by taking beats and therefore giving more time for others. Later on i believe he wishes to be a saiyan and to have hair again.


Abilities: Fly, Dodonpa, Kamehameha, Kiai, Kikoho, Mafuba, Shiyoken, Solar Flare, Zanzoken

Info: Tien is a big strong guy with three eye's, he creates his own moves like the one he used on Imperfect Cell -[invisable energy knocks him to the ground]and he doesn't do much else, but if he could he would.


Abilities: Fly, Kamehameha, Rogafufuken, Sokidan

Info: Yamcha is the guy with the scars, he is cool and used to have a crush on Bulma but i believe that it ended for good after Vegeta got involved in the show.


Abilities: Highly skill in mechanics and electronics

Info: Bulma created the dragonball finder doo-hicky and, like her father is a highly skilled technician. She has a kid with Vegeta -[Trunks]- and she is amazed when she finds out that the person who killed Cybog Freiza was her kid from the future.


Abilities: Look at my chart please on Attacks page.

Info: Mr. Roshi -[Master Roshi]- was the teacher of Krillin and Goku, the only reason why he taght them is because they bribed. He used to be one of the strongest but now is there just for comic releif and maybe some tactics.


Abilities: Highly skill in mechanics and electronics

Info: He is that father of Bulma and is the founder of Capsule Corp. He is highly skilled in electronics and mechanics only to be surpassed by Bulma, he created the ship Goku went to Namek in and does a lot of work on Android 16.


Abilities: None other then fighting skills, which are good compared to normal humans.

Info: Herecule is also known as Mr.Satan and is that stupid fool who keeps saying shit about Cell and all the Z fighters. He is so weak that i am sure Master Roshi can kick his butt. He just ticks me off and that is all i have to say. [p.s. he has a stupid looking fro' also]

Name: Piccolo

Abilities: Fly, Chonoryoku, Energy Dan, Eye Lazers, Kakusanyudokodan, Kyodaika, Makankosappo, Regeneration, Renzoku Energy Dan, Merging, Shogekiha, Tsuihidan,

Zanzoken Info: Piccolo started off as Goku's arch enemy, but they had to team up to defeat Raditz. Both gave the sense that this would be temporary yet i believe that they liked not fighting each other for sport. Piccolo trained Gohan for the arrival of Vegeta and Nappa, this created a bond between then which would never be broken. After sacrificing himself to save Gohan he trained with King Kai and the other Z warriors who died in the Saiyan saga. Piccolo was then wished to Namek to help defeat Freiza, Piccolo came across a dying Nail and they fused, thus increasing Piccolo's power level even higher. Piccolo survives the battle but barely and later fuses with Kami to become the "Super Namek who has long forgotten his name" -[yet he still is called Piccolo]- so he could fight the imperfect Cell. He then never becomes one of the strongest fighters but is only surpassed by the Saiyans and the bad guys like Cell and Buu.

Name: Kami

Abilities: Look it up on my abilities list please

Info: Kami was the watcher of Earth for a long time, and is part of Piccolo, so if one dies the other will also. This gets in the way when fighting Garlic Jr. and they later fuse to create a stronger being to help defeat Cell. Dende then takes Kami's place as the watcher of earth.

Name: Dende

Abilities: Fly, Healing Powers

Info: Dende is first seen in the Freiza saga because this saga is base on Namek, Dende is a small boy around Gohans age and they get along very well. Dende heals Gohan, Vegeta and Krillin, but then is killed because Freize notices his powers to heal. He is revived when it is wished that all the people that Freiza killed to be brought to life. Dende is next seen in the Cell saga to take Kami's place as the watcher of Earth.

Name: Guru

Abilities: ---

Info: The Guru is like a Kami for the planet Namek, we see him during the Freiza saga and he helps out by releasing powers hidden inside Krillin, Gohan and Dende.The problem is that he is too old and therefore too weak to be any use in fighting, and he then dies of a heart attack beacuse of the destruction Freiza has unleashed.

Hey, guys there are many Dragon Ball-Z-GT characters so guys just e-amil me on a character you wanto learn about!

Copyright Justin Singel.